Posted by: chris484trains | August 9, 2014

The dark art of weathering

Sat contemplating the mantra less is more!

I am using powders a great deal at the mo – problem being when you varnish them, you do lose some of the covering, so a paler finish ensues.

However, it is so easy to be too heavy handed when trying to anticipate how much to add to compensate for this!

Ah, the joys of rr modelling!

Posted by: chris484trains | August 2, 2014

Modern Models

Is it just me, or is the quality control at Chinese factories a little to be desired?

Having said that, today I saw several brand new Athearn RTR models with well night perfect handrails! Shock, horror! 🙂 

Posted by: chris484trains | August 1, 2014

The Relaunch – 1st August 2014

OK, so I have really abandoned this blog / site for nearly four years!

So, after much careful consideration, it is time to see if I cant start making it work a little!

Not sure what I will write, or how the pages will shape up – but today is truly a new dawn!